When I was younger I could never dress up as the one thing I wanted to be. What was that? Well truth be told, I didn’t want to be a princess, a damsel in distress. I didn’t want to dress up as barbie, or anything else every little girl wanted to be. I wanted to be my own hero, someone in disguise. A Power Ranger. But my mom never wanted me to dress up as one. Why? Because I was a hyperactive girl, that shouldn’t be dressed like a “boy.” But guess what? There are girl Rangers too. The heroes don’t JUST have to be boys or even men! I was a little girl who was just wanting to write my own destiny. Be the hero everyone looked too. No, I’m not a lesbian but so what if I was! If I wanted to dress up as a Power Ranger, A POWERFUL idol for kids, then I should have been able too, no matter the case. Maybe someday I can put on that costume on for a costume party someday…


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